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Our Services - +371 674 082 66

Indoor ice rinks hire

Volvo Sports Center offers two standard hockey ice rinks.
Teams, collectives and other organizations who want to rent the ice area- please call: +371 292 696 66, Ēriks Miļuns

Public skating

Sports school "Pardaugava"

In Volvo Sports Centre we have a professional oriented sports school "Pardaugava". Sports School enrol students in ice hockey and figure skating groups. "Pardaugava" invites boys and girls to spend leisure time useful, purposeful and healthy in pursuit of Latvian most popular sport - HOCKEY!

Hockey store "Hokeja Pasaule"

Store "Hokeja Pasaule" offers the hockey equipment from world's leading manufacturers: Bauer, Reebok, CCM, Warrior etc. Latest production in our stores!


If you want to sip a hot and delicious coffee or tea and at the same time watch hockey; If you want to eat hearty lunch or dinner; If you want just sit with friends at the beer with garlic toast or celebrate your feast day - - you are welcome in our cafe Volvo sports center in the second floor.

Our cafe is with seats for about 100 visitors, from which is possible to see the training process.

Phone for inquiries: +371 674 082 68

  • We offer pastries and culinary for festivity and everyday life.

Fitness club "FITEX"

Located - Volvo's sports center in the second floor. Offers sporting activities. Aerobics, fitness classes you consult a qualified trainer:

Valentīns Bujašovs - trainer-instructor Fitness and Body Building

Phone for inquiries: +371 67 412 223

Fitness room opening hours:
working day: 7:00 – 22:00
saturday: 9:00 – 18:00
sunday: 9:00 – 18:00

Figure skating accessories

Figure skating accessories shop "Kristal Ice" offers:
- professional figure skating equipment;
- skating equipment for beginners;
- figure skating costumes for trainings and competitions;
- figure skating skate boots;
- figure skating skate blades;
- recommendations for selecting the figure skating ice skates;
- advice on other matters related to figure skating.

Phone for inquiries: +371 295 484 61, email: olga.riga@hello.lv

"Kristal Ice" opening hours: +371 295 484 61

Judo club

Women's ice hockey club - "ICE GIRLS"

Hockey Club "Ice Girls" is a registered association Latvian Register of Enterprises, 2004 16th June.

Team founders:
Ilze Kronberga
Agnese Zirdziņa
Ineta Jansone (mob. phone: +371 292 647 69, email: zaja@icegirls.lv)

+371 674 082 66 Jūrmalas gatve 78d, Rīga, LV-1029, Latvija